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Christa Burch
Christa first fell in love with Celtic music in the spring of 1988, when a friend handed her a home-made tape which featured Scottish band Silly Wizard down one side and Irish band Skylark down the other. As they say in fiction: "there was no looking back."

This love led her to extensive travel through Scotland and Ireland in the late '90s. In pubs and homes, festivals and folk clubs, Christa found a community of like-minded singers and musos, and discovered that Celtic music truly defines the "small world" ethos: nearly everyone she met knew someone she knew back home!

In her travels, Christa collected a wide repertoire of songs, and gradually developed her own sound. After the turn of the milennium, hungry for challenge, she began performing. Her debut CD Love of the Land has just been released, and is gathering glowing reviews.